Message from Coach Ben- Weekly Update #2

Good Morning Barracudas!

What a great first week of a Barracuda Season! We have some AMAZING families and swimmers with us. 

I will be sending out weekly emails to keep you all informed regarding Coaches Expectations and what to relay (pun intended) to your swimmer/s.


It is very important that families arrive to their designated practice times either on time or between 5-15 minutes early. For future Swim Meets, this will be very important. If swimmers are late to check in times, it could hold up the entire swim meet. Lets be sure to start practicing this continuously throughout the season. 


Please continue to escort your swimmers from the front office all the way to the BSB HQ pavilion to the far right side of the pool. At no time should parents drop their swimmer off in the front desk un attended. 


Throughout the summer season it is important to declare your swimmer for each swim meet. Declaring your swimmer lets the coaches and the board know if your swimmer will be attendance.

This summer, if swimmers do not declare their attendance by the announced deadlines, they will not be entered into the meet and will not be able to swim. 

Relays, Individual Entries, Heat Sheets, and other items are created by whom has declared for specific meets prior to the meet. Any adjustments last minute take time away from not only the start of the meet, but also the attention that is needed from the Coaches and BSB Board to allow for a smooth swim meet.


This week we will continue focusing on freestyle and back stroke as well as starts and turns for each, in preparation for the mock meet on Thursday.


Swimmers will only be entered into Freestyle/Backstroke and the Free Relay for the Mock meet. This mock meet will count for the minimum requirement to attend SJSSL Champs in July. 


We pride ourselves on having a well oiled green machine over summer. Without the help of volunteers to run the meet, we would not be as successful as we are as a team. Please be sure to sign up for the allotted amount of time families must volunteer this summer.

The BSB Board loves creative and fun ideas to promote a healthy athletic environment for our kids. If anyone is interested in sponsoring an event or fun Friday. Please reach out to a board member!

Mark your calendars for Friday June 2 for our first spirit night at Mandarin Skate Station to celebrate the start of SUMMER 2023!!!

Thank you all for joining the Barracudas this summer. We are looking forward to watching some great swimmer and having the kids make some quality friends along the way!

Go Barracudas!

Coach Ben

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