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Swim Meet 101

Helpful information for meet days

What should I bring to the meet?

  • GOGGLES-an extra pair for emergencies is a good idea too
  • Swim Cap
  • Heat Sheet/Entry Sheet (these will not be available at meet)
  • Sharpie to mark your swimmer
  • Sunscreen
  • Snacks and drinks (most teams will have concessions available)
  • Chairs
  • Entertainment (cards, coloring items etc.)

What is a heat/entry sheet?

  • Heat Sheet- This shows all of the events in order that they will occur, and which swimmers are swimming in which events/heats. 
  • Entry Sheet- This list is alphabetical by swimmer and is the easiest way to see quickly which events your swimmer is in. 

What do I do upon arrival and during meet?

  • Set up your area, for home meets we have a lot of covered areas a tent may not be necessary but for away meets you will need one. We suggest sharing with families if you are able. 
  • Swimmers check in- get ready for warm ups
  • Volunteers check in
  • Locate ready bench, show your swimmer where ready bench
  • Listen for event announcements to ensure swimmer is at ready bench on time and the meet runs smoothly.

How to mark your swimmer

  • Right Shoulder 
    • Line 1- Last name, first initial (Smith, J)
    • Line 2- BSB
  • Forearm
    • Make three columns containing your swimmers event, heat, lane (photo example provided)
    • If you have a younger swimmer you may want to write which stroke they are swimming as well

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How to mark your swimmer

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